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June 5, 2023
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Mountain view breakfast

Enjoy your mountain view breakfast on Main street in multiple cafes around. Get yourself a cup of hot coffee or tea, take a seat and enjoy your breakfast. 

The Uprising Bake Shop serves various delicious sandwiches to choose from. Their specialty is sourdough bread, bagels, ciabattas and multiple sweet pastries like croissants and more. Take a sip of cup of hot coffee, take a deep breath and enjoy those incredible views they got. And they started to serve soups, too!

Another great option with some great views is Rocky Mountain Bagel Company. As the name already said, I’ll say it again - bagels! That’s what they do and with the nice little patio, it’s a perfect breakfast for a slow and maybe even romantic breakfast in downtown

Culinary scene 

Grizzly Paw

After this long day, its time to explore the Canmore food & drink scene. If we take it from one side to the other, we can start with a classic pub menu at Grizzly Paw Pub with their own brewed beer with a two level of seating and large patio, all with breat-taking mountain views. Right next to the pub you can find an awesome little gem called 4296 (it’s the name of this tiny restaurant and the number means downtown’s altitude in feet) with its pop culture cuisine (vegans will be happy, too!) and a great menu of cocktails. If you’re into good cocktails, you should not miss the Where The Buffalo Roam Saloon, they have an incredibly great cocktail menu alongside the food. We can’t forget about some Indian cuisine, too! Take a look at Mumbai Local

If you’d like to try Brazilian grilled meat & BBQ, you should visit Gaucho. For a typical european style restaurant, go and try Das Schnitzelhaus, they got truly real paprika goulash soup or varieties of schnitzel with house spaetzle. For some margaritas lovers, we can recommend Mexican Cabeza Grande

If you’re looking for more fine dining with a mix of great mountain views, then we can not miss Murrieta's Mountain Bar & Grill with the offer of gourmet steak & seafood meals. And if you want some good burgers and sandwiches, you should try Fergus & Bix alongside The Wood restaurant which has great mountain views, too!

If you’re a vegan and you are not sure which option would be best for you, I would suggest you try Elita. It’s located on Railway Avenue, so it’s not right on Main street, but it’s just a short walk from Main street and super worth it. It has huge windows, so mountain views are guaranteed and the owner & chef is super helpful with choosing the right food for you. They have really huge varieties for vegans. Another option for vegans can be CommuniTea in downtown. 

On your way home or to your accommodation, stop by the Mixed Culture store for some unique can of beer or cocktails which you can enjoy in front of your fireplace. 

Want more?? Find your new favourite restaurant or a one-of-a-kind boutique using the Downtown Canmore Map

We hope we provide you with some great tips for your day in downtown. Let us know what you like the most!

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