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Welcome to the FAQ section for property owners at BookCanmore. If you're interested in turning your property into a short-term rental, it's essential to understand and comply with the local zoning laws. Here, we provide guidance on ensuring your property is a legally zoned vacation home,   adhering to Canmore's short-term rental zoning regulations. This section aims to help you navigate the legal landscape, ensuring that you can offer your home for short-term rentals confidently and legally.

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What is a Legally Zoned Vacation Home, and Why Do You Only Work With This Zoning?

Though we receive a number of inquiries for all types of properties, we will only partner with owners who have a legally zoned short-term rental, aka Tourist Zone or Visitor Accommodation.

Why is this important? Since Airbnb became popular, many people are renting out their condos, spare bedrooms, and homes for extra income. Though nothing is wrong with that, it impacts property owners greatly. If you purchase a tourist or visitor accommodation zoned property, you can legally rent short-term stays of a minimum of one night if you wish. Properly zoned accommodation is more costly not only to purchase the real estate but also due to yearly property taxes.

In addition, illegally zoned properties add to neighborhood complaints as it stresses what typically quiet residential areas are and, in turn, adds pressure on the guest who is just coming to enjoy the mountains, unaware they are not compliant with the Town of Canmore.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business in Canmore since 2014.

Do you have an office in Canmore?

Yes, we do. We are locals. We live and work here.

Get in touch and come for a visit!

Can I use my property if you are managing it?

Definitely. You will have access to our Owner's Portal, where you can block dates for your Canmore Visits.

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