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Canmore, AB Canada

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Dive right into the deep terrain of Canada’s astounding Rocky Mountains and embark on an unforgettable river rafting experience

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River Base: Stoney Nakoda Resort888 Nakoda Way,Kananaskis, AB, T0L 1N0


River Base: Stoney Nakoda Resort888 Nakoda Way,Kananaskis, AB, T0L 1N0

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Our river tours are designed to create a safe, scenic, and exhilarating outdoor adventure for people of all ages and abilities, while making sure you have a seriously good time!

What We Supply

  • Transportation to and from the river ( depending on Tour)
  • Professional (and entertaining) river guides
  • Life jacket, wetsuit, helmet, river shoes, splash jacket
  • String for retaining eyewear
  • Change rooms/restrooms (Stoney Nakoda Resort)
  • Secure storage unit for personal belonging

What to Bring

  • Swim Suit
  • Towel
  • Dry clothes for after the tour
  • Sunscreen (optional)
  • Optional clothing for cold weather ie) Fleece, Toque and Gloves (NO COTTON)
  • Sunglasses (at your own risk)
  • Waterproof camera/GoPro (at your own risk)

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What is the best time of year to go rafting?

The rivers change from May to September. High water is usually from mid June to mid July. For the real whitewater enthusiast, this would be an exciting time to book on their Horseshoe Canyon Whitewater tour as the rapids are at their biggest. That being said, the amazing scenery along the Horseshoe Canyon makes it a fantastic experience all summer long. The Kananaskis River is dam controlled and stays consistent all season long, making it an excellent choice at any time during the season. If you’re interested in spotting wildlife, their Bow River Nature Float offers great birding opportunities in May through June.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, every guest must read and sign their Release of Liability Waiver before going on a River Rafting tour with them. All guests under 18 years old need their parents or legal guardian to sign the waiver form on their behalf. The waiver has to be signed before the day of the tour, and can be found via your confirmation email under "Complete Guest Details". Take a look at the waiver here. See waiver here

I can't swim, can I still go rafting?

Yes, you do not need to know how to swim. However, we ask our guests to let their guide know that they are non-swimmers. We recommend guests with limited or no swimming abilities to join the Kananaskis Whitewater Tour, as the rapids are not as strong, and the chance of something happening is reduced but, no guarantees can be given.

Is river rafting safe?

At Canadian Rockies Rafting, your safety is their priority. Whitewater Rafting is an extreme activity that involves hazards and risks. Their guides are highly trained to operate safely on the water and how to recognise and avoid potential hazards and risks but this does not eliminate the hazards and risks associated with Whitewater Rafting/River Rafting.

Do I need experience to go whitewater rafting?

No, you don’t. Most of the guests are first-timers and trips, equipment, and briefings are designed to put beginners at ease. Their experienced guides will provide a safety orientation before you get on the water and coach you the whole way through the rapids. No previous whitewater experience is necessary.

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